In Ciments de Catalunya, we are convinced that these two concepts are intrinsic in the daily development of our activity. For this reason we highlight below some of the most relevant characteristics that certify this special sensitivity regarding quality and sustainability.


Since the beginning, Cimencat has a quality system that fulfils the requirements of the norm ISO 9001 and that at present is certified by AENOR. In this way, we intend to demonstrate our commitment with continuous improvement and our will to work for the satisfaction of our clients.

For this reason, all of cements has the CE mark in compliance with Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 9 march 2011.

In addition, Cimencat has NF certified cements, in compliance with Certification Regulation NF 002 – Liants hydrauliques.

Sustainable development

Due to the importance of finding a balance of economic objectives with social and environmental objectives, Cimencat has spared no means in the investments necessary in order to achieve this goal.

For example, at the point of installation of our factory in 1995, we took into account the most innovative improvements in order to create installations that are in the vanguard and that adapt to the current demands.

Over the years, Cimencat has not stopped investing in the updating and improvement of the existing equipment. In the last times we have replaced equipments as important as the machine for unloading the cement and the bagging machine in accordance with sustainability criteria (production, security and environmental improvement).

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